This is a guest post written by Peter Fortner, a Lower Georgia Avenue Main Street Neighborhood Strategy Council (NSC) Member. Peter is a local resident and a Realtor with TTR Sotheby’s International Realty.

Upon moving to Park View along the Lower Georgia Avenue corridor, I had a new sense of purpose and excitement. Although I am a DC resident of 20 years, and a DC Realtor for 15 years, this was my first opportunity of home ownership and my partner and I chose this area quite deliberately for its dynamic, diverse, and community-oriented nature. I immediately sought opportunities to join the community, add my voice, and (even more importantly) listen to the voices of existing residents to work at being a compliment to my new environment. I found that opportunity with the Neighborhood Strategy Council of the Lower Georgia Avenue Main Street (LGA MS) program, introduced to me through connections made by volunteering for Georgia Avenue Thrive. 

When we all work together, we all benefit.

Peter Fortner

Main Streets is a gift to our community. Not only does it work to enhance the health of our businesses but it presents an opportunity for collaboration throughout the area. It gives us all a chance to know one another and work collectively at our successes as business owners, home owners, home renters, and community activists. Whether it’s coming together at a local business to watch an outdoor movie, or enjoying holiday lights coordinated along the avenue, knowing local shopping options, or finding new places to break bread together, the LGA MS gives us a chance to come together for the common good, regardless of any demographic differences.

Involvement is not only important but it’s fun. And getting involved is easy. Follow the Lower Georgia Ave Main Street on Facebook or Instagram. Look for new businesses along the avenue and find out what services they have that could be easy solutions to your needs. Invite friends from other neighborhoods to enjoy the offerings of Georgia Avenue. Volunteer for local trash pick ups or beautification projects. Talk to your neighbors. If you want to get involved, have concerns, or have ideas for creating community, reach out to me. That’s what neighbors are for. 

When we all work together, we all benefit. The success of our businesses encourages other businesses to fill vacant buildings. When our streets are clean, our collective emotional health benefits. When we check in with our neighbors, we ensure vulnerabilities are reduced and everyone’s quality of life improves. The Main Streets program provides the vehicle. The residents have the opportunity to take the wheel and collectively strengthen existing establishments and newcomers alike. That’s what makes our entire community feel like a home.

Peter Fortner, Park View Resident, Realtor

TTR Sotheby’s International Realty

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