Investing in Community & Supporting Local Business

Our holistic approach to community-based economic development utilizes strategic partnerships, small business technical assistance, volunteer opportunities, place management, events, resident outreach, and connective services. Our approach is different in that we start from a place of collaboration and capacity-building, looking to strengthen the whole ecosystem in which we work.

Too often, community development is either theoretical, with fascinating potential but little actionable activity, or practical, which often happens in a silo. We pioneered a holistic approach to community-based economic development that brings these two camps together. We leverage our on the ground knowledge to support other communities and organizations in helping them build more equitable and thriving communities by building their infrastructure, capacity, and sustainability.

Our Economic Development Work

We invest in economic development by directly supporting small businesses through capacity-building grants, connecting business owners with resources and professional services both in-person and through our online platform Access Point DC, funding facade improvements, hosting promotional events and campaigns, and advocating for business interests at the local level. We affirm our values of diversity and inclusion by prioritizing BIPOC-, immigrant-, and women-owned businesses.

Our Community Engagement Work

We invest in community by hosting events and activities that bring people together, partnering with social services and community development organizations to identify gaps and advocate for resources, and engaging residents in volunteer efforts that tangibly support their neighborhood.