As of November 2, 2020, the Mayor’s Office of Nightlife and Culture (MONC) has awarded $2,568,000 to Streatery Winter Ready Grant recipients. We would like to congratulate all of the District Bridges Main Street businesses who are receiving grant funds.

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Columbia Height Main Street

Makan (3400 11th St NW)

The Coupe (3415 11th St NW)

Sticky Fingers Sweets and Eats (1370 Park Rd NW)

The Wonderland Ballroom (1101 Kenyon St NW)

Tequila & Mezcal Cocina Bar (3475 14th St NW)

Queen’s English (3410 11th St NW)

RedRocks (1036 Park Rd NW)

Cleveland Park Main Street

Bindaas Cleveland Park (3309 Connecticut Ave NW)

Medium Rare (3500 Connecticut Ave NW)

Indique (3512 Connecticut Ave NW)

Nanny O’Briens (3319 Connecticut Ave NW)

Spices Asian Restaurant and Sushi Bar (3333 Connecticut Ave NW)

Logan Circle Main Street

Cork Wine Bar and Market (1805 14th St NW)

Logan Tavern (1423 P St NW)

The Pig (1320 14th St NW)

Doi Moi (1800 14th St NW)

Stoney’s (1433 P St NW)

Chicken and Whiskey (1738 14th St NW)

Commissary (1443 P St NW)

W. Millar and Co. (1335 14th St NW)

Le Diplomate (1601 14th St NW)

Slipstream (1333 14th St NW)

Gypsy Kitchen (1825 14th St NW)

Number Nine (1435 P St NW)

Lower Georgia Ave Main Street

The Midlands Beer Garden (3333 Georgia Ave NW)

Doubles (formerly Colony Club, 3118 Georgia Ave NW)

Hook Hall (3400 Georgia Ave NW)

No Kisses Bar (3120 Georgia Ave NW)

Tabla (3227 Georgia Ave NW)

Tsehay Restaurant and Bar (3630 Georgia Ave NW)

Capitol Cider House (3930 Georgia Ave NW)

Cinder Neighborhood BBQ (800 Upshur St NW)

Homestead (3911 Georgia Ave NW)

Mount Pleasant Main Street

Addis Paris Cafe (3103 Mt Pleasant St NW)

Mola (3155 Mt. Pleasant St NW)

Marx Cafe (3203 Mt. Pleasant St NW)

Purple Patch (3155 Mt. Pleasant St NW)

Beau Thai (3162 Mt. Pleasant St NW)

Each Peach Market (3068 Mt. Pleasant St NW)

Haydee’s Restaurant (3102 Mt. Pleasant St NW)

U Street Main Street

Sudhouse (1340 U St NW)

Ben’s Next Door (1211 U St NW)

Maydan (1346 Florida Ave NW)

Taqueria Nacional (1409 T St NW)

Exiles Bar (1610 U St NW)

Chi-Cha Lounge (1624 U St NW)

Franklin Hall (1346 Florida Ave NW)