Meet the owners of Saku Saku Flakerie, Yuri & Jason Oberbillig

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Interview by Amy Henderson

Saku Saku Flakerie is the creation of baker Yuri Oberbillig and her husband Jason, a non-baker who acts as general manager.  They met ten years ago in Kobe, Japan, where Yuri was enrolled in cooking school. She had once dreamed of being a fashion designer, but baking put her on a different life path when she discovered the joy of getting her hands into  flour, butter, sugar, yeast, and more butter. From messy mixtures, she lets her imagination run wild to create amazing pastries and breads  in various colors, shapes, and toppings.

Yuri worked as a baker in Vancouver, Canada, before she and Jason moved to DC five years ago.  She worked as a baker at the late-lamented Maison Kayser bakery on F Street, and then at A Baked Joint.  In September 2020, she and Jason opened Saku Saku Flakerie as a storefront bakery in Cleveland Park’s Al Volo Restaurant. 

A French bakery with Japanese seasonal infusions, the Saku Saku Flakerie features buttery pastries that definitely live up to their name.  Yuri’s design vision remains the driving force of her work–she loves to create new pastries, and is always learning. She also encourages the two other bakers that work with her to create new pastries.  

Her personal favorite pastry? Konign amann–a sugar-layered carmelized croissant.

Saku Saku Flakerie is such a success that Yuri and Jason recently opened a second pastry shop in the National Building Museum!

Visit Saku Saku Flakerie at 3417 Connecticut Ave NW. Hours are Tues-Sun, 8AM-3PM (closed Mondays). Check out their website at

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