Meet Jojo Miller, Owner of HighLife Studios

Born and raised in Gaithersburg, MD, Joseph (Jojo) Miller knew that as long as he was able to work in music, he would be happy. Jojo has been happily recording artists in Cleveland Park at his recording studio – HighLife Studios – since January 2022. Jojo scoured the city to find the perfect space within the perfect neighborhood for a long time before landing in Cleveland Park. The minute he saw what was previously office space on the 2nd floor of 3307 Connecticut Ave NW, he knew this was the place he wanted to be. Cleveland Park felt like DC but quieter and with a great neighborhood aesthetic.  

Jojo has been making beats (producing music) for over five years now. At the age of 19, he recorded musical artists in his bedroom closet in his parent’s home for a year. He enrolled in Towson University to study Communications but was not focused. He did not take his education seriously until he discovered Omega Studios and discovered that he could make a living in the music world. One of his first jobs was at a recording studio inside Raw Ink – a warehouse, art gallery, tattoo parlor, barber shop and recording studio in Gaithersburg. This was a place for creatives to gather and exchange ideas and energy in a part of the DMV that did not have such opportunities. 

Working with musicians and music is a dream come true for Jojo. His belief is that music translates human emotions making it a universal language and that music has the power to connect people across cultures. Outside of recording musicians, Jojo is extremely community focused and works to bring together others within the creative community. He organizes an annual cookout in Rockville complete with a basketball tournament and clothing drive. He is hoping to plan a community event for Cleveland Park this fall. 

Jojo deals with a lot of people, some of which are inspiring while others are perhaps baffling. Once, a client came to his studio and began picking up random items, asking if she could keep them. He acquiesced when she remarked that the toilet paper basket in the bathroom would make the perfect Easter basket for her daughter. Another time a woman came to the studio and announced that she felt great after having spent a couple of months in a coma. Perhaps one of his more meaningful moments to date, was when he was able to record 11 year old rising DC Rapper Flyziah along with her favorite artist, Grammy nominated Rapsody. Jojo, also a big fan of Rapsody, was thrilled when her agent contacted him to record the song while she was in DC. Maybe the next time Snoop Dogg is in town, he will stop by HighLife Studios and get to know Cleveland Park. 

HighLife Studios is open for appointments only. Contact Jojo to schedule a recording session: (301) 250-6490

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