Let’s Paint the Streets!

One of our Main Street’s goals is to beautify our neighborhood by revitalizing the streetscape, creating interpretive signage, and improving public spaces in the neighborhood.  We want to create a clean, safe, and appealing image and brand for residents, customers, and new and old businesses.

Let’s Paint the Streets is a collaborative project of LCMS, the Logan Circle Community Association, and Advisory Neighborhood Council 2F to beautify 14th Street from Thomas Circle to U Street with murals, collaborating with local, residents, small businesses, and artists, to create opportunities for greater community engagement.

Our vision is to depict a cohesive story that preserves the community’s history and expresses its emerging culture.  Our “street canvas” includes building walls and utility boxes.

If you’re interested in getting involved or want to donate to the effort, please contact Tarek Kaddous, takouddous@gmail.com or Michele Molotsky, Michele@Districtbridges.org

Logan Circle Main Street is a part of the District Bridges family. Each of our six programs provides critical technical assistance to business owners and help them compete for grants. We bridge our residents, community leaders, and business owners who make our communities the places we know and love. Help us continue doing our work by chipping in $10, $100, $1,000 at districtbridges.org/donate.