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Warren Leonard & his son

Warren Leonard has been working at Weygandt Wines nearly from its inception. For over ten years, Warren has used his extensive knowledge of wines to assist people in making the best purchases for their palates and pocketbooks. Peter Weygandt, founder and owner, has developed personal relationships with family owned wine estates beginning in the 1980s. Few wine retailers focus on importing from known vineyards which makes Weygandt a unique retailer in a city without a shortage of places to buy wine. Warren has accompanied Peter on several occasions to visit the estates located in France, Italy, Germany, Austria, Australia, and Spain. You may not see Peter much in Weygandt Wine these days but you are very likely to encounter Warren.

Originally from Connecticut, Warren holds a degree in History. This curiosity of time and place is probably what inspired Warren to take such an interest in wine. Most of us might not think about where our bottles of summer rosé come from; but, Warren knows probably firsthand. Most of the producers Weygandt Wines imports from are intergenerational establishments, small estates of 10-15 acres. Warren and Peter have watched children grow up and take over these estates and feel a more personal connection with them than a less involved business might. 

Although the wines and champagnes dominate the actual space inside Weygandt Wines, the photos on the wall are worthy of any art gallery. The photos, taken by Peter’s daughter Ida, are of the people who own and work the wine estates from which the Weygandts imports their wine. At Weygandt Wines, those who grow and make the wine are as valued as the high quality wine being made. In a world so dependent upon online shopping, sharing a sense of closeness with people so very passionate about their product and friendships is worth a trip to Cleveland Park in lieu of a trip overseas.

Weygandt Wines

3519 Connecticut Avenue NW

(202) 362-9463


Sun – Mon CLOSED

Tue-Thu* 11am – 6pm

Fri  11am – 8pm

Sat 11am – 6pm

*From 11am – 3pm on Thursday, open for curbside pickup, but closed for in-store shopping.

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