District Bridges CCEL

Community Built. Community Driven.

The most successful community development organizations are built by and for the communities they serve. Successful CCEL programs rely on the direct input from community stakeholders.

To ensure each one of the District Bridges CCEL programs remains connected to the communities they serve, we developed advisory boards made up of key community stakeholders, called Neighborhood Strategy Councils.

The Neighborhood Strategy Councils provides leadership on neighborhood priorities for community-based economic development through District Bridges CCEL programs. Each CCEL program develops an NSC that works as a team to apply their experience and local understanding of community needs to support the designated neighborhoods. Specific activities of individual members may vary based on expertise, capacity, and availability.

The basic roles and responsibilities are as follows:

  1. Represent community priorities and concerns.
  2. Disseminate information to the broader community.
  3. Lead or support Action Teams for specific events, programs, and priorities. 
  4. Set priorities for Annual Work Plans.
  5. Recruit volunteers.
  6. Support the identification and cultivation of financial and in-kind contributions for priority activities.