by Michele Molotsky

Heat and humidity are not my friends and I always long to be somewhere other than DC in August!  The only exception is the Dog Days of Summer Sidewalk in Logan Circle.  Like most people, I love this sale and can remember things I’ve bought over the years like a purple and green glass beaded necklace or cards in front of Logan Hardware.

One of the goals of the Main Street is to amplify the events already held in neighborhoods and when I started I definitely honed in on working on Dog Days.  And then COVID-19 happened.  I spoke to a couple of the lead organizers of Dog Days, Pixie Windsor (Miss Pixie’s), Diane Gross (Cork Wine Bar and Market) and Gina Schaefer (Logan Hardware) about what to do.  I think we were all feeling a bit daunted until someone put me in touch with Mallory Shelter (Mallory Shelter Jewelry) and things clicked into place.

Mallory organized the DC Shop Small event in April.  DC Shop Small is an initiative that started as a way to garner online sales for local businesses shuttered because of COVID-19.  I found out about it from the DC Department of Small and Local Business Development and personally helped by shopping!

Three weeks ago (Really! It’s been three weeks!), Mallory and I spoke and divided up tasks and Voila!  DC Dog Days was born!  We decided to make the sidewalk sale virtual and to open it up to any DC business using e-commerce.  Today, we have over 125 businesses in 40 different neighborhoods participating.

So, here’s my plea:  Shop DC Dog Days!  If you’re in a position to buy things right now, support your neighborhood businesses.  We have grocery stores, restaurants, bars, retail shops and fitness businesses – in short – everything you need.

Here’s a Logan Circle-centric way to spend your DC Dog Day – online or IRL!

Start with coffee at Slipstream.  They have those espresso tonics that I love and go ahead and order avocado toast.  You’ll need the fuel if you go work out at Barre3 or join a running group at  Pacers.  

Then, head over to Logan Hardware and pick up extra masks and disinfectants.  If your home needs a plant or two, you can also stop by Little Leaf.

Next, it’s time to think about lunch so consider Rice or Pearl Dive’s streateries.  You may be feeling sleepy but don’t take a nap!  Do a bit of yoga with Flow Yoga Center online.

If you happened to miss your sister’s birthday or are planning ahead for the holidays, there several places to choose from such as Salt and Sundry or Miss Pixie’s.  Or you could find Richsaad Ryan and buy a painting!  Or you could find a RBG votive candle at The Outrage (buy two or three!) and something unique at Crown Pawnbrokers.

Now, it’s definitely time for an aperitif so stop by Cork Wine Bar and Market.  You can have an appetizer there but save room for paella or tapas at Estadio where we hope to open a streatery soon!

Last but not least, it’s time to Wine Down and stop by Cork and Fork.  Toddle off to bed happy in knowing you’ve supported Logan Circle businesses and knowing you were smart enough to buy a pastry from Nino’s Bakery for breakfast tomorrow!

Okay, maybe this was a little bit corny but you get the point: Shop and Support Local Businesses.  Remember Eleanor Roosevelt’s quote, “When it’s better for everyone, it’s better for everyone.”