The Great Cleveland Park Yard Sale

The Great Cleveland Park Yard Sale

Saturday, June 12, 2021 | 9:00 am-2:00 pm

Rain date: Sunday, June 13  | 9:00 am-2:00 pm
Cleveland Park Main Street (CPMS) is looking forward to kicking off the summer with the return of a fun, safe, and easy-to-participate-in neighborhood event.
We hope this is a perfect time to clear your closets of any pandemic purchases you may not need, visit with a few neighbors, find a new treasure or gift, and help support the Main Street at the same time. Please use the map and list of participating households below to plan your route through the neighborhood!
A special thanks to the Cleveland Park Citizens Association (CPCA) for assisting with volunteer organization and coordination.

List of Registered Participants

Judyt Macklin Parking Lot
John Mott 3530 Quebec St NW
Judy Kopff 2939 Newark St NW Jewelry, Knick-knacks
Clothes, Accessories
Dolls, Art, Balloons
Farida Wozniak 3221 Macomb StNW
Cleveland & Woodley Park Village Macklin Parking Lot
Celina Bragagnolo Macklin Parking Lot Boys 2T-4T
Books and games
Womens size XS-S-M
T&E 2737 Macomb St Nw
Fiesta on 35th 3707 35th St NW
Rebecca & Liz Bauer Macklin Parking Lot Household Items
Carol & Lew Simons 3219 Macomb St NW Asian textiles, Art,
Audiobooks, Campstuff
Dante Kinney 2704 Cathedral Ave NW
The Roadrunners Macklin Parking Lot
Mary Sue Flanagan Macklin Parking Lot Vintage glassware
Framed prints
Friends of the Cleveland Park Library Macklin Parking Lot
Amy Shannon 3521 Quebec St NW
Pam & John Korbel 3420 Newark St NW
Sandy Christenberry 2739 Macomb St NW
Alpher Family 2938 Macomb St NW
Susan Lenderking 3213 Macomb St NW
Susan Akman & Mary Ellen Massey 3209 Macomb St NW

Map of Registered Participants

To see details for each participant, please click the sidebar/slider icon to the left of the “Great Cleveland Park Yard Sale” map title, then click the small dropdown arrow under “All Items” for a list of participants.

**Please note: multiple neighbors are registered to table in the Macklin parking lot next to Orangetheory, listed as 2911 Newark St NW.

A special thanks to the Cleveland Park Citizens Association (CPCA) for assistance with organizing logistics and volunteers to make this event possible!

For questions, reach out to Cleveland Park Main Street Manager Zach Rybarczyk at