Contest Rules and Requirements  

Participants in the Columbia Heights Day Button Contest (the “Contest”) may be selected to have their artwork chosen for use based upon the entry(s) they submit to District Bridges.

1. Contest Period. The Contest period begins on April 15, 2022 at 12:00 a.m. and closes on May 15, 2022 at midnight EST.  

2. How to Enter. No purchase or payment is necessary to enter or win the Contest. Participants who have properly submitted artwork (“Submission”) and are otherwise eligible (“Entrants”) will be considered for each individual piece they submit. By entering the Contest, all Entrant agree to abide by these Rules and Regulations. Entrants may upload and submit artwork for consideration via the online submission form.

3. Selection of Winners. The Contest will select winners based on a public vote. District Bridges reserves the right, in its sole and absolute discretion, to disqualify any entry for any reason.

4. District Bridges reserves the right to make adaptations or adjustments to the selected design to meet various media and promotion needs.

5. Ownership, Rights, Name and Likeness, and Publicity 

  • Entrants hereby transfer and assign to District Bridges all right, title and interest (including but not limited to copyright rights) in any Submission that Entrants submit for the Contest to District Bridges and all Submissions shall be deemed, and shall remain, the property of District Bridges upon submission. Accordingly, District Bridges shall exclusively own all now known or hereafter existing copyright to the Submission of every kind and nature, in perpetuity, throughout the universe. To the extent that such transfer and assignment of ownership in the Submission may be void or unenforceable, by submitting a Submission, Entrants agree to grant to District Bridges a non-exclusive, perpetual, irrevocable, royalty-free, sub-licensable, fully paid-up, worldwide license to such Submission, together with all intellectual property rights therein, including, without limitation, the license rights to cache, publicly display, and reproduce the Submission.  Entrants also give up any claim that any use by the University, derivative or otherwise, of any Submission violates any of Entrants rights, including, but not limited to, moral rights, privacy rights, rights to publicity, proprietary or other rights, and/or rights to credit for the material or ideas set forth therein.   
  • By submitting Entrants Submission, Entrants: 
  • Warrant to District Bridges that Entrants have secured all rights and releases to all material in Submission, including the images, script, and rights to include all persons, places or organizations included or depicted. If Submission contains images or identifications of any persons or organizations, Entrants agree that Entrants will submit release forms from those persons (or their parents or guardians) or organizations for the use of their identifications or images in Entrants Submission.    
  • Agree to allow District Bridges to use Entrants name, identification, and likeness to use, promote or publicize Entrants Submission in any manner, without limitation, and without further compensation.  
  • Assign all right, title and interest in any physical materials Entrants provide to District Bridges.
  • Acknowledge that no Submissions shall be returned.  
  • Except for such obligations explicitly set forth in these Contest Rules, District Bridges shall have all rights to use Submission in any way, without any further obligation, notice, compensation or approval.  

6. Governing Law. The Contest is void where prohibited by law, and all federal, state, and local laws and regulations apply.