Endangered Animal Public Art Project

The Capitol Hill Alphabet Animal Art Project (Alphabet Animals) is a community-focused public art project that promotes livability, walkability, and delight in the Southeast Quadrant of Washington, DC. This project was originally conceived by a father walking with his two children in Capitol Hill. As he walked past lettered street names, he pointed out, “K Street—K is for Kangaroo.” He brought the idea to the Capitol Hill Arts Workshop (CHAW), and so the Alphabet Animals were born.

In 2014, 10 sculptures were successfully installed through a pilot partnership with DDOT, and in 2020, another 10 joined the menagerie through a grant from the DC Commission on the Arts & Humanities.

And now, there’s a new generation of animals on the loose!

Call for artists! 

In partnership with Cleveland Park Main Street (CPMS) and Woodley Park Main Street (WPMS), Capitol Hill Arts Workshop (CHAW) is pleased to open interest form submissions to local artists to be part of the Endangered Animals Art Project! The Endangered Animals Project will expand on the Alphabet Animals, adding 10 NEW sculptures along the Connecticut Ave. NW corridor between Woodley Park and Cleveland Park.

Final artists and their animal proposals will be selected for submission as part of a grant application package in the spring of 2023. Please note that filling out an interest form or being assigned an animal in no way confirms your participation in the project. Thank you for your interest in creating an Endangered Animal sculpture!

Artists who are interested in creating a sculpture will be required to fill out the form below by 11:59pm on January 17, 2023.

The Endangered Animals Project will expand on the Alphabet Animals, adding 10 NEW sculptures along the Connecticut Ave. NW corridor between Woodley Park and Cleveland Park. 

The project combines an educational component with aesthetic excellence, as well as celebrating our local artists. By adding ten more sculptures, we hope to continue to create more vibrant communities through the arts in Washington, DC. Through the CHAW-Cleveland Park Main Street-Woodley Park Main Street Partnership, this expansion of the project will provide artistic touchpoints for local businesses as well as residents, further strengthening the connection of creativity with a flourishing neighborhood.  The Alphabet Animals encourage residents, business owners, artists, makers, and passersby to explore the inter-connectivity of community through the entry point of unexpected encounters with high-quality art in public spaces–and this new expansion to Endangered Animals adds an important new focus on protecting the wild and wonderful world around us.

CHAW’s mission is building community through the arts.  For 50 years, CHAW has been a hub for the meaningful exchange of ideas through art-making in community both inside and outside of its walls. This expansion of the Alphabet Animals project speaks directly to CHAW’s focus on both creative expression and the power of partnerships to uplift the arts; connecting diverse groups of people, supporting local artists, facilitating arts-driven community networks with businesses, schools, social services and other arts organizations, and encouraging civil discourse through creativity. Our mission is rooted in the idea that art and community building are synergistic. 

Join us in supporting our new Endangered Animal friends! 

We need to raise at least $17,500, and we know we can do it, with your help. 

Each Lamppost will have a unique endangered animal attached to it and a QR Code. The QR Code will provide information for: 

  • Name of Artist
  • Brief Bio of Artist
  • Information about Sculpture
  • Information about Animal

Sponsor Information

There are several options for “adoptions,” and we are happy to tailor a package that suits your needs:

  1. $5,000: Name and logo on specific sculpture webpage, accessed via the QR code on the lamppost, as well as permanently on the main Alphabet Animals page on the CHAW website; name and logo in e-newsletters from CHAW and CPMS or WPMS (in your corresponding neighborhood) regarding the project; name on fun run map and other materials for Animal celebrations; verbal thank you at events. 
  2. $3,000: Name on specific sculpture webpage, accessed via the QR code on the lamppost; name and logo in one (2) e-newsletters–one from CHAW and one from your choice of CPMS or WPMS regarding the project; verbal thank you at events.
  3. $1,000: Name and logo in one (1) e-newsletter from CHAW/CPMS/WPMS regarding the project; verbal thank you at events.
  4. Any amount: while we may not be able to offer sponsorship benefits at other levels, all donations from $5 to $500 help us fund this incredible project.

Your donation to this project supports local artists and keeps the magic of the arts alive in our city!  No matter what comes next, we need the arts in our neighborhoods more than ever to ensure that they remain full of character–and the kinds of places we all want to live, work, and play. 

(Hay’s Spring Amphipod by Carolina Mayorga)

For more information, please contact the Endangered Animals Art Project Director: 

Hannah Jacobson Blumenfeld  – hannahjacobsonblumenfeld@gmail.com

Project Partners