Start Small Think Big COVID-19 Rapid Response Partnership

Start Small Think Big is a nonprofit organization that focuses on pairing entrepreneurs positioned to grow their businesses with top pro bono attorneys and financial and marketing experts.

They believe that access to high-quality legal, financial management, and marketing services is an essential part of starting or growing a successful small business.

COVID-19 Rapid Response Program

To help businesses address the needs that have arisen due to the COVID-19 crisis, Start Small Think Big has developed the COVID-19 Rapid Response Program which supports businesses with the following:

1. Understanding Grants and Loans Available

Our financial program is running a series of office hours to help understand the funding options available. SSTB entrepreneurs can also receive 1-1 assistance costs of pivoting to a new channel/product, general cash flow planning.

2. Addressing Legal Concerns

Our legal program is offering webinars to help with risks and mitigation. These include labor and employment, contract reviewing, doing business online, and debt management.

3. Planning for New Marketing and Sales Channels

Weekly sessions on messaging and marketing. Eligible entrepreneurs can receive assistance 1-1 exploring new sales channels and products and marketing their existing services.

Get Started!

Use the link below to complete the intake form and Start Small Think Big will be in touch.

Ongoing Resources

Our website has live updates on resources available throughout the small business sector.

Public-Facing Events

We have many ongoing and new virtual events held that are publically available.

Promoting Small Businesses

Featuring business on our Shop Our Clients page and sharing it to all of our partners to promote sales.