Small business support

We’re passionate about helping small local businesses succeed. Each business is unique and needs a unique solution. We take a holistic approach to help you achieve your dreams.

On-demand technical assistance

Access Point complements and expands small business support efforts within our Main Street corridors. Access Point will provide content on a wide range of topics, including:

Access Point offers accompanying materials and tests learning with quizzes. The platform provides District Bridges and Rhode Island Avenue Main Street, and our sponsors and partners, with real-time analytics and downloadable data reports, so we can understand and improve content and resources based on interest and usage.

Financial Literacy

Embarking on a venture but puzzled about financing? Navigate the intricacies of different lenders, learn to foster a positive financial mindset, and understand the necessary paperwork to get started.

Digital Marketing for Small businesses

Our free courses cover leases, online marketing, social media, Quickbooks and more. Key information for every small business.

E-Commerce How-Tos

E-commerce is here to stay. Consumers increasingly rely on online shopping to satisfy purchase needs. Taking your business online can generate much-needed revenue to sustain and grow operations.

Safety and Security

The safety and security of your customers, employees, and business is an ongoing challenge. Learn more about planning and prioritizing this important part of your business.

Governmental Compliance

Navigating compliance, licensing, and more is always a challenge-especially in DC! Our team’s expertise in DC compliance is here for you.

Real Estate Law

Whether you’re leasing, buying, selling or hoping to undergo construction, we can help guide you through the legal complexities.

Business Resources

We work closely with many other organizations and DC agencies committed to supporting a thriving small business community. The resources below are available to support the vitality of small businesses and nonprofits on our corridor.

District Bridges can support businesses moving into one of the Main Street corridors in a number of ways, like helping the business identify and apply for permits, assisting with opening costs through a small business grant, etc. One of the most common ways we support businesses in the opening process is by helping put together and publicize a grand opening or ribbon cutting event. 

Providing support to small business owners can be incredibly fulfilling but it can be hard to know where to start. District Bridges’ Business Health Check (BHC) and Business Development Plan help our team approach small business support through a proven methodology that enables us to identify the most critical needs of the business and develop a plan to address the unique challenges they may be facing.

The Capital Access Program (CAP) was developed specifically to help our immigrant-owned businesses access capital through traditional and non-traditional funding sources. 


The Business Preservation Assistance Program (BPAP) was developed to help small businesses explore building ownership through models such as commercial conization of mixed-use redevelopments, direct building purchase, master tenancy agreements, and co-op models in an effort to build generational wealth and preserve neighborhood serving small businesses.

District Bridges, in collaboration with the DC Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) and the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), is granting facade improvement awards to restore and enhance storefront property exteriors for low to moderate income corridors within designated District Bridges neighborhoods. 

District Bridges, DC Bar Pro Bono and Community Mediation DC partnered on a program to address small business displacement in DC. The Commercial Lease Mediation Program utilizes the skills and expertise of three local organizations to identify, guide, and support small businesses struggling with lease negotiations. 

In collaboration with the Workforce Investment Council, District Bridges developed 5 Skills-Based Hiring courses and associated workbook located on Access Point and available for free for small businesses.

In collaboration with the DC Department for Small and Local Business Development, District Bridges makes direct investments into small businesses through grants.

  1. Our team is incredibly knowledgeable about doing business in DC. Have a question? We can help get the answer and connect you to other experts who can support you with accounting, marketing, lease mediation, utility support, compliance, streatery guidelines, and more.