May is Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month, and a great time to patronize these fabulous businesses on District Bridges’ Main Streets!

Chevy Chase | Cleveland Park | Columbia Heights & Mount Pleasant | Logan Circle | Lower Georgia Avenue | U Street

Chevy Chase Main Street

Child’s Play (5536 Connecticut Ave NW)

Relaxed Nail Spa (5505 Connecticut Ave NW)

President Valet Cleaner (5514 Connecticut Ave NW)

Lee’s Laundry (3811 Livingston St NW)

C & C Custom Cleaner (5511 Connecticut Ave NW)

5606 Nail Spa (5606 Connecticut Ave NW)

Fishery Seafood Market (5509 Connecticut Ave NW)

Magruder’s (5626 Connecticut Ave NW)

Ramer’s Shoes (3810 Northampton St NW)

Salon Familia (3817 Livingston St NW)

Infinity Martial Arts (5520 Connecticut Ave NW Unit 107)

Parkland Eco Cleaners (3811 McKinley St NW)

Cleveland Park Main Street

Little Blackbird (3309 Connecticut Ave NW)

Cleveland Park Fine Wine & Spirits (3423 Connecticut Ave NW)

Cold Stone Creamery (3501 Connecticut Ave NW)

Dolan Uyghur (3518 Connecticut Ave NW)

Indique (3512 Connecticut Ave NW)

Lavish Nail Spa (3416 Connecticut Ave NW)

Mr. Chen’s Organic (3419 Connecticut Ave NW)

Paragon Thai (3507 Connecticut Ave NW)

Sababa (3311 Connecticut Ave NW)

Siam House (3520 Connecticut Ave NW)

Spices (3333 Connecticut Ave NW)

Toe Tally Nails (3511 Connecticut Ave NW)

Uptown Cleaners (3333 Connecticut Ave NW)

Yes! Organic (3425 Connecticut Ave NW)

Saku Saku Flakerie (3417 Connecticut Ave NW)

Thai Love & After Work (3433 Connecticut Ave NW)

Town Jewelers (3305 Connecticut Ave NW)

Columbia Heights & Mount Pleasant Main Street

Purple Patch (3155 Mt Pleasant St NW)

Allure Nail Bar (3239 14th St NW)

Irving Wine & Spirits (3100 Mt Pleasant St NW)

Pho 72 (1376 Park Rd NW)

Bestworld Supermarket (3178 Mt Pleasant St NW)

Ellē (3221 Mt Pleasant St NW)

Los Primos Bodega (3170 Mt Pleasant St NW)

Joia Burger (3213 Mt Pleasant St NW)

Sportsman’s Liquor (3249 Mt Pleasant St NW)

Q n Q Cleaners (1352 Park Rd NW)

Queen’s English (3410 11th St NW)

Logan Circle Main Street

14th St Cafe Asian Bistro (1416 14th St NW)

Ammathar (1326 14th St NW)

Besson Cleaners (1329 14th St NW)

Da Hong Pao (1409 14th St NW)

P Nails (1410 P St NW)

Pappe (1317 14th St NW)

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen (1322 14th St NW)

Rice Restaurant & Market (1608 14th St NW)

Yums (1413 14th St NW)

Vin Sur Vingt (1529 14th St NW)

Old Korean Legation Museum (1500 13th St NW)

Lush Nail Bar (1406 14th St NW)

Takara 14 (1326 14th St NW)

Soupy Dumpling and Boba (1320 14th St NW)

54 Noodles:  1527 14th Street NW 

Oh Naan!  1720 14th Street NW

Lower Georgia Avenue Main Street

Salt & Pepper Grill (2632 Georgia Ave NW)

Columbia Threading (2822 Georgia Ave NW)

Howard China (2827 Georgia Ave NW)

Fantasy Nails (2921 Georgia Ave NW)

LA Nails (3119 Georgia Ave NW)

Eddie Leonard (3300 Georgia Ave NW)

Beau Nails (3320 Georgia Ave NW)

Pantry Thai (3716 Georgia Ave NW)

Envy Nails (3723 Georgia Ave NW)

Yes! Organic Market (4100 Georgia Ave NW)

U Street Main Street

Jin’s Cleaners (1944 New Hampshire Ave NW)

By Subairi (2209 14th St NW)

Toku Japanese & Asian Cuisine (2439 18th St NW)

Cloak & Dagger (1359 U St NW)

Colada Shop (1405 T St NW)

Gallagher & Graham (1939 12th St NW)

Q n Q Cleaners (1351 V St NW)

ZY Meridian Massage (1515 U St NW)

Alice on U (1357 U St NW)