A holistic approach to community-based economic development

Who We Are

A community-driven, impact-minded organization that deeply cares about our programs and partnerships.

Our Approach

We help build bridges between community engagement and economic development opportunities so individuals, businesses, and organizations can thrive together.

Get Involved

Creating fun, meaningful ways for you to get involved in your community.

Our Programs

We engage in a variety of initiatives developed to address the unique needs and challenges for each community we work in.

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Nonprofit Capacity Building

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Our Vision

Building towards thriving equitable, resilient, connected communities here in DC and beyond.

This vision is supported by three Ultimate Outcomes:

1. Community-driven and designed action resulting in equitable, strengthened, and connected communities with a strong sense of place.

2. Sustainable and self-determined small businesses and individuals.

3. Impact-minded organization, setting the standard for nonprofit, community development work.

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Our Approach


Needs Assessment

Our approach is different in that we start from a place of collaboration and capacity-building, looking to strengthen the whole ecosystem in which we work. We pioneered a holistic approach to community-based economic development that brings these two camps together. We leverage our on the ground knowledge to support other communities and organizations in helping them build more equitable and thriving communities by building their infrastructure, capacity, and sustainability.


Solutions Creation

We believe in creating solutions that don’t just benefit a few, but the entire community from business to individuals to partner organizations. We create with empathy backed by technology, skill, and knowledge to help find real world solutions to problems, challenges to genuinely help the community and establish a successful program.


Collaborative Iteration

We know that while many problems, challenges across communities and cities are shared. The approach or solution to them isn’t always the same. No one size fits all. This is why we created a flexible model that allows us to pull from our experience and knowledge, but allows for collaboration and new ideas to form along the way for a truly unique solution that works for that community.


Reporting & Analysis

We know the power of data and the ability to use it to tell a story, communicate value, impact, and change in a community. Investing in the right tools to collect important data, develop models to analytics, and generate reports is what helps create accountability, transparency along with being able to truly showcase the impact of a program for all stakeholders involved.

Funders and partners

Our work in DC and beyond would not be possible without the committed donors, sponsors, and partners who support our work. We are grateful to the many DC agencies, foundations, businesses, members, and private donors who support our work. Thank you!

Get Involved

Local support, in the form of donations and volunteering, is the key to a successful program and thriving community. We often hear from residents that they feel disconnected from the community around them. That is why we have created an easy way for you to sign up to volunteer, donate, or just stay informed of what is happening in your community.

Upcoming Events

Learn more about events near you. We would love for you to join us.

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