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District Bridges’ vision is to thrive together in equitable, resilient, connected communities here in DC and beyond.

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Investing in Community

Looking to tangibly show your love for your neighborhood and city? With a District Bridges Membership, you are directly investing in bridging community engagement and economic development opportunities so residents, businesses, and organizations can thrive together.

Your monthly or annual pledge enables our team to work towards thriving together in equitable, resilient, connected communities here in DC and beyond.

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We’ve found that, too often, community development work falls into two camps – the theoretical, with fascinating potential but little actionable and measurable activities, and the practical, which is often undertaken in a silo with little connection to resources, theory, or history. We leverage our collective expertise, practical tools, and on-the-ground experience of our community development professionals, helping leaders define, achieve, and measure success to the benefit of all. Our approach to community-based economic development offers a unique opportunity to pilot new initiatives that encourage comprehensive stakeholder engagement and feedback while fostering collaboration and information-sharing.

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